Look for the Signage!!

As I prepare for the Yours/ Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree (YMSSS) kickoff event; my efforts are very much engrossed in marketing. So, last week, Friday, I moseyed on over to Pinterest and found some great Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas using Modge Podge. As a self proclaimed crafter, I had several bottles and cans of modge podge at home, so I only needed to grab a few more items to create the perfect DIY outdoor event signage.

Since this event, is on the low cost to no cost side of things, I decided to go dumpster diving and found a HUGE, poster size cork board that I knew would be perfect! As for images, I printed several free images from the internet that I felt captured the essence of the event.

Well, based on the inspirational pieces from Pinterest, it appears I was fully equipped to start making something fabulous. With a clear head and a fresh cup of coffee, I woke up early Sunday morning, gathered my supplies and headed to the patio where I was able to make this beautiful creation. This piece is going to look very inviting hanging outside of the event venue. Do you DIY? What are some of the best DIY things you’ve made?


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