Got Fashion? We’ve Got You Covered!

Have a fashion question? Want to shop secondhand, but not sure where to start? Perhaps, you’re in search of the perfect piece to compliment something you already have. No worries! Come with questions, because we have answers. At the Yours Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree, we will have two fashion consultants available to answer all of your fashion needs. These consultants are the best at what they do.

Read more about them here:

Meet Whitney ‘Nic’ James:

She is a God-fearing, bride-to-be, blogger, writer, avid thrifter, mentor, and collector of beautiful & unique things. As a woman on a budget, she loves to shop and explore different Thrift Stores, Goodwills, and Salvation Armys in order to find unique pieces to add to her wardrobe and home. When flipping thru the latest fashion magazines, she get inspired to re-create looks, on a dime! She started thrifing about 3 years ago, but thrifting has always been in her blood. Her grandfather used to take her on Goodwill trips quite often when she was little. She now appreciates the art of thrifting and plans to spread her thrifting knowledge, one fashionista at a time!

Meet Stania Romain:

Stania is a Haitian-born fashion consultant in the DC metro area who recently created MISS SASSY, a style blog on Facebook.  The blog offers easy access to a wide range of fashion related information (tips, events information, styling and empowerment through fashion).  Stania’s passion has led her to fashion consulting; facilitating workshops on image and self love for women & young girls; participating in fashion shows; working with the DC Fashion Week team; and most recently, contributing to a local fashion magazine.  One of Stania’s favorite quotes is ‘own your style.’ For more information, check out and LIKE her Facebook page at If you’d like to use some of the services that she provides, please email for details.

Have you purchased your “Thrifty Gal” ticket yet? If not, click here.



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