Q. Is there a cost to enter this event?

A. There is no cost to attend this event. However, prices per item varies per vendor.

Q. What types of items will be sold?

A. Only women’s fashions (i.e., clothing, accessories, shoes). Occassionally, other items will be sold.

Q. Can I return my items?

A. Each vendor has a different return policy. Before making your purchase, inquire about the policy on returns.

Q, What is the method of payment?

A. This is a cash only event. While some vendors will be accepting credit cards, we prefer that everyone bring cash only.

Q. Are the prices fixed or are patrons encouraged to bargain?

A. The prices are set by the individual vendor. Patrons can bargain, but its up to the vendor to honor their suggested price.

Q. How can I become a vendor?

A. Contact the event planner at secondhandthrifting@gmail.com with Vendor Inquiry in the subject line for more information. Please be mindful that this is a non-refundable event. Once vendors are confirmed to participate ; refunds will not be allowed.

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